Rules for the preparation and collection of biomaterial

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General preparation rules

Particular attention is paid to the quality of laboratory results. In our laboratory research center, multilevel quality control is carried out, including both internal and external and quality control systems, for example, PREVECAL “BioSystems.”
Each patient has the opportunity to receive a qualified doctor’s consultation on clinical laboratory diagnostics.

On the eve of the study, exclude:

Memo for parents.
How to take a blood test for a child

It is very important that you accurately follow these recommendations, since only in this case will reliable laboratory results be obtained.

Our secrets and recommendations before visit

During the visit

The interpretation of the results of the study should be carried out in conjunction with the data of history, clinical examination and other methods of examination.
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Nurse home call

Our staff of nurses is not only selected for the high professional qualities of employees. We made sure that the personal qualities of the nurse meet high ethical requirements: sensitivity, responsiveness, mindfulness, caution, caring.
Call us +1 (256) 10 87 000 or +1 (256) 10 88 001.
Our nurses have many years of experience with patients.
Applications are processed daily:
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* If the application is filled out outside working hours,
it will be considered the next day.

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